SOLD! You want to read this one to the end... Who knew?? Seriously. Who knew.

Believe it or not, it is not unheard of to complete a real estate transaction without ever actually having met your clients in person. This was the case with the GORGEOUS 2+ acres here in Kanab that Love Realty Utah Buyers Agent Stacey Rhoades sold to a lovely couple from up north.

Now it's funny... when you chat with someone on the phone (never having seen them), you get an image in your mind of who they are by how they sound and what they say. As Stacey was getting to know these folks, she had pictured love birds in their 70s or 80s, enjoying a quiet life together. Um... nothing could have been farther from the truth. Read on.

It was his voice that gave her this picture. He was very raspy and soft spoken. She guessed that it was more than a long life that had shaped the sound of his voice. She guessed that perhaps he had suffered a stroke or some injury and was doing the best with what he had. The words he used were warm and loving (and funny) and he had a steady stream of sweet pet names and adoring things to say about his dear wife. Stacey could only assume that the imagined health challenges they'd faced had deepened their love story and afforded them both an EXCELLENT sense of humor. Sometimes in the midst of life's curveballs that's all we're left with, yes?

Anyhoo... This sweet couple asked allllll the questions before they made an offer on their lot. Site unseen can be tricky! And while initially, this meant lots of time on the phone, it also made for a smooth due diligence period once under contract and overall a very smooth operation. The buyers were also both prompt with communication which also helped immensely.

Somewhere towards the end of the transaction... Stacey looked up her clients on Facebook, thinking she probably wouldn't find them online. We all do it. And frankly, it's not a bad practice to get a face with a name if you can when getting to know someone over the phone. But we also all know that the trouble with FB is that there could be any number of folks out there with the same name. You never really know who's who until you ask!

So WHO did Stacey find that seemed to be a fit???

You're not going to believe this...

He's a rockstar. Bonafide. Not kidding. Real deal baby girl.

Years of performing. That's the source of the raspy voice. Um. Yes. No stroke. No injury. No advanced age. Sense of humor? Yes, definitely. Lovebirds? Without a doubt.

Oh and get this. Upon the successful closing and making plans to see their new lot, they asked Stacey when they could get the keys! For their lot! Hilarious. These two. Adorable. Well, we can't wait to meet them in person. And maybe we'll fangirl a little. Until then...

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