Sold! Welcome home to our newest Kanab homeowners!

This one was a feat of endurance folks. Whew! But, we got 'er done! This sweet family have been residents and business owner/operators in Kanab for two generations. Last summer, they were thrilled to finally be in a position to purchase their first home. Every member of the family was on board for the semi-custom new build, even the kids enthusiastically pitched in with design ideas. With completion scheduled for April 2022, they prepared for their eldest son's final year of high school and alllllllll that comes with that while maintaining their already insanely busy lives. They planned to welcome extended family from far and wide to come stay with them in their new home for the first time to celebrate and be together. For the first time.

Well, we all know that builders and developers are facing considerable challenges these days. And we all also know that these challenges often equate to heartbreaking delays. This new build was no exception. With rentals nearly impossible to find in Kanab, and this sweet family's lease ending (and not renewing) time was most definitely of the essence. They didn't get to celebrate quite how they had envisioned and the move didn't happen how they had hoped. I'll spare you the gory details, however I am happy report that with a heavy dose of creative problem solving and really thorough follow-through, our clients are NOT homeless and in fact are the proudest new homeowners that you just might ever meet! 

It took a boots-on-the-ground approach and holding fast to the end goal with no hesitation when it came to that extra mile (or two or three or... you get the idea). When your clients have worked so hard and for so long - it is indeed the sweetest thing when dreams actually do come true! Here is our whole-hearted: Welcome Home!!!!!

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