SOLD! This one was definitely on the love timeline...

Love has it’s own timeline, am I right? Whether it’s that rare and precious love that only exists with your soulmate (human or otherwise), the arrival of a child, or the special place on the planet that you belong – you know when it’s real and right. You can’t fake it, you can’t force it and there are just no buts about it.
Helping our clients find this special piece of property was definitely a journey that took place on the love timeline. The discovery took more than a year. Months of searching, seeking and researching. Months of pause, reflection and more research. And finally – that sweet moment of arrival and recognition that YES. This. Is. Home.
When you know – you know.
We couldn’t be more thrilled for Kanab’s newest landowners. You might ask – was it worth it? The time spent waiting and wondering? The heart space spent on the hope that ‘home’ was still somewhere out there? The answer is: Yes. Absolutely.
It has been our privilege as realtors to witness and facilitate your arrival. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
We LOVE being your only team-based, independent, real estate brokerage in Kanab!

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