Sold! 596 E Ladera Lane in Kanab Utah

Even after you've settled in to what you've decided is your dream home, life can keep taking those inevitable twists and turns (that life often does) and you realize that like it or not, 'home' needs to be in a different place entirely. 

This was the case with our dear friends and clients on Ladera Lane in Kanab. They loved this home. They loved the design, the location, the feel, and everything about it. 

They poured their love into this home, furnishing, decorating, connecting and enjoying. But family needs called them elsewhere and sometimes, that's just the way life goes! So the task of boxing up life and fitting it all into the back of a u-haul began. 

It was a team effort and great to get some teenaged boys on board for the real-life Tetris game of figuring out how it's all going to fit! Even the sweet rescue pup did her part to 'help'.

We love you! We'll miss you! Thank you for trusting us with selling your wonderful home! We love the thought of you closer now to what matters most!

We LOVE being your only independent real estate brokerage in Kanab!

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