Shirlz is on a Winning Streak in Let's Play A Game!

A Winning Streak in Kanab

Shirlz, our local adventure enthusiast, has done it again! This time, she nailed the number of candies in Utah Blue's guessing game, winning a one-month pass to the Best Friends Fitness Center. And if that's not impressive enough, remember her win last month at Kanab Detail? Shirlz is on a roll!

Fun Fact about Shirlz

Shirlz isn't just lucky with numbers; she's a canyoneering pro and the voice behind the captivating podcast, "The Canyons are Calling" and works for Imlay Canyon Gear. Despite a few bumps and bruises along the way, she's pumped to use her fitness center pass to bounce back stronger than ever.

Here for the Fun and Wins

At Love Realty Utah, we're all about the fun and the unexpected joys of community engagement. Shirlz's back-to-back wins are a perfect example of the excitement we love to share. It's not just about real estate; it's about being part of the vibrant, fun-loving spirit of Kanab.

Join the Fun

Got an eye for guessing games or a heart for adventure? You'll fit right in here! Stay tuned for our next community game - who knows, you could be our next winner! See you on February 1st at 9am!

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