Release the hounds!!!

Release the hounds!!!! Of course the MOMENT the dogs went out into the snow today, they took to their frolicking and bounding like oh I dunno – like it was a snow day and their lives depended on frolicking and bounding and having as much fun as two dogs turned loose in the snow could possibly conjure!
Watch ‘til the end to see where they ended up. Of course Charlie (the kitty) reigns supreme in the equation. Her brothers collapsed, exhausted, bookending her on the bed. The human bed. Or well, I suppose that’s what she lets us all think. Because none of the dogs or the cat have ANY warm, soft, sunny, fluffy beds anywhere else in the house – and playing and sleeping all day is a ruff RUFF life.
We hope you are warm and dry and cozy in the midst of this surprise Valentine’s Day winter storm!! May frolicking and bounding for fun be somewhere in your near future!!
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