Join the Eco-Conscious Shred-A-Thon in Kanab – Secure Your Documents!

Secure Your Personal Information at Kanab’s Free Shred-A-Thon Event

In a digital age, securing personal information remains crucial, and shredding outdated documents is a key step. Kanab residents have the perfect opportunity to do just that, while also contributing to environmental efforts.

Shred Your Worries Away – For Free!

At Love Realty Utah, we understand the importance of privacy. That's why we've partnered with Shred St. George for a mobile shredding event. It's not just about getting rid of paper; it's about peace of mind.

Items You Can Bring:

  • Office papers with or without staples and clips
  • Hard drives (special shredding setup)

Remember, Safety First:

  • Avoid 3-ring binders and other non-shred-friendly materials
  • Hard drive mishaps can cause fires – separate them from papers!

Details at a Glance:

  • Where: Love Realty Utah Office, 48 N 200 W, Kanab
  • When: April 20th, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Cost: Absolutely free!

Shred St. George – Your Trustworthy Partner

They've been shredding documents safely and securely for years, offering you top-notch service without any hidden costs. Just remember, while they are tough, some things just aren’t meant for shredding.

Prevent Potential Fires: Carelessly included items can cause severe damage, not just to the shredders, but also pose a fire risk. Let’s keep everyone safe.

Join Us in Protecting Our Planet: This event is more than just shredding; it’s a step towards sustainability. By recycling shredded documents, we contribute to a cleaner environment.

Why Shred?

Identity theft is no joke, and proper document disposal is a key preventative measure. Plus, it’s a community get-together event – witness your documents turning into confetti and maybe share a laugh or two with neighbors.

And if you're curious about the local real estate market or considering a home sale or purchase, visit Love Realty Utah – we're not just about homes, we're about the community.

Contact Karen Heet to learn more about how we value both your security and our environment.

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