Mugshot Monday: The Love Realty Utah Love Mug at the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse!

Here is the Love Realty Utah Love Mug pictured at the North Head Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment on a misty West coast morning in southern Washington state. You better believe that whatever is in that mug is staying toasty warm with the fabulous Rtic Outdoor insulation!

What might still give you goosebumps (despite what's in your mug) are the stories of wild and mysterious things that have taken place at this remote and historic lighthouse. Check out this episode of Ghost Adventures where you can get an inside look into some of the local mysteries:
Pretty cool that the Love Mug gets to tag along for adventures in places far beyond Kanab Utah!! Where has your Love Mug been? We would LOVE to see what you're up to!! Send photos of your adventures to [email protected]. Don't have a Love Mug and want one??? Buy or sell with Love Realty and you'll get your very own Rtic Outdoor insulated Love Realty Utah Love Mug. These mugs are literally spillproof and the insulation keeps hot things hot and cold things cold for a super long time!! We'd LOVE for you to have your own!!
We LOVE being your only team-based, independent, real estate brokerage in Kanab!

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