Local Business Feature: Dark Sky RV

We are thrilled to feature another Kanab local business that also happens to be a past client of Karen Heet & Love Realty Utah: Dark Sky RV!
Business co-owner Britt Roth tells us a little bit about her family’s journey and how Love Realty Utah was a part of the Dark Sky vision coming in to focus here in Kanab. Watch her sweet intro HERE.
Get an upclose look at their special slice of heaven right here in Kanab and watch the amazing film that Bradshaw Chevrolet put together featuring Dark Sky RV: https://fb.watch/jYYY1nzhmi/
While you’re at it, get your tickets for the Kanab Film Fest https://www.kanabfilmfest.com/ happening this year April 27th – 30th. See how cool your Kanab neighbors are? Sign up now! You’ll be so glad you did!!
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