Kanab Real Estate Roundup for the month of September 2021

Happy Fall, y'all! ?
Here is your Kanab Real Estate Roundup for September. You'll notice that there has been a slight slow down in the market, which is typical for September when everyone is taking a deep breath after summer and getting kids back into school.
But with 23 homes on the market and 11 homes sold last month, we have only a 2 month inventory which means it is still a seller's market.
Interest rates are still at historic lows, so buyers can still afford more home. But, rates are expected to rise by next spring, which would make home prices go down.
If you are currently in a mortgage that's 4% or higher, I highly suggest refinancing while the rates are low - you could save hundreds $ every month, or pay off higher interest loans or credit cards.
If you have any questions about the market, or if you'd like lender referrals, just give me a shout! ? Thanks so much!
Karen Heet
Love Realty Utah

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