Heard It All???

Watch the full adorable cuteness overload video HERE!

Lend me your ear(s)!! Work with Love Realty Utah. We listen. You want an agent that listens to you!! Don’t put up with anyone who isn’t totally invested in YOUR agenda. How do we know what you’re after? We LISTEN! That’s how!!

That said - can we focus on Rhett’s affectionate ear nibbles for a sec? 😍The dogs have been wrestling all morning and this is them allllllmost totally exhausted in a heap of slobber and dog smiles - do you see how Cookie leans in and asks for more when Rhett stops?? The cuteness is too much.

Work with Love Realty Utah. We listen. And who knows… there is a chance we haven’t heard it all yet. Whatcha got for us?? We wanna hear it!!

We LOVE being your only team-based, independent, real estate brokerage in Kanab!

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