FAQ: How do I choose a builder?

How do you choose a builder? Buyers agent Stacey Rhoades here walking the talk as she shares not only how to FIND a builder but also the very important task of how to CHOOSE your builder!

Watch the full video HERE on our YouTube channel to get Stacey's hardwon & excellent advice!
Ask Stacey how she knows!? She is in the midst of building her very special home on her gorgeous 10 acres of raw land in Johnson Canyon! Okay, she may not be out there with hammer and nails (she could be, don’t get me wrong), but she IS very much hands on, working in close communication with her carefully chosen builder. You want to get this one RIGHT! How does it work? Tune in to find out!
Not sure where to get started? Call your realtor! Your agent will know who is building what in your area and can get you in the homes that are taking shape where you have bought or want to buy so you can see and experience first hand the craftsmanship, the vibe and the working styles of the different builders available to YOU!
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