Eco Travelers Guide with Eric & Sylvia Sims, Love Realty Utah Client Business Spotlight!

Here is this month's Love Realty Utah Client Business Spotlight: Eric & Sylvia Sims and the Eco Traveler's Guide!
Love Realty Utah Buyers Agent Stacey Rhoades was lucky enough to get to help Eric & Syliva Sims find their first home in Kanab this past fall. One of the coolest things about working in real estate is how closely you work with your clients. As a result of this close working relationship, you get to know some really fantastic people who are doing some really fantastic things with their lives. Eric & Sylvia are no exception! At one point, they shared that they have a travel blog... Upon checking it out, we were thrilled to discover just how serious and seriously amazing this travel blog is! Read on!
Check out Eric & Sylvia's Eco Traveler's Guide HERE! Watch a fun photo collage of the Sims' gorgeous adventures HERE on our YouTube channel.
Following are some 'get to know you' questions that Eric & Sylvia were kind enough to answer for us. We were so curious about the whys and hows of how they got into what they do and how they've stuck with it. And we simply HAD to share the good news with y'all! So here you have it:
Why did you decide to start your own business? We decided to start Eco Travelers Guide because as we traveled around the United States we saw lots of blogs about fun things to do, but very few of them focus on how to support local businesses and travel with an emphasis on sustainability. We wanted to fill that need.
Why Kanab? We had been living in North Carolina/traveling full time in our RV for a few years, and we wanted to move back west to be closer to family but away from too much cold and snow, and Kanab was the perfect fit for us. When we visited friends here in the fall of 2021, we absolutely loved it.
Where do you see your business in five years? We hope to have logged visits to all 50 states and nearly all the National Parks over the next five years! We've only got 13 states left, and we just passed the halfway mark on National Parks, so we're excited about that. We are based here in Kanab but plan to continue traveling during the summer months so we can keep finding new places to share.
How do you deal with fear and doubt? Sylvia is really good at risk management, so she helps us plan ahead and see different ways things could pan out. Things don't always go according to plan, but it always goes better when we've taken time to think through the big steps. And candidly, sometimes we deal with fear and doubt with chocolate and Netflix. 🍫🎬
How have you dealt with the obstacles you've encountered as entrepreneurs? We're good at solving problems together. Sylvia is great at making calls to find local resources, and Eric is great at googling, so between the two of us we can usually come up with a solution for everything from how to launch our website to where to shelter in place during a tornado watch 😅
What challenges did you face in becoming homeowners? Interest rates are higher than they've ever been while we have been adults, so getting creative about financing was a challenge.
What's something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? We both got our Masters degrees from North Carolina State University (Eric in Analytics, Sylvia in Business Administration) #GoPack 🐺
What's the next place on your travel bucket list? We want to head north this summer and drive a loop - either to Glacier, North Cascades, Olympic and Mt Rainier National Parks or to Badlands, Wind Cave, and Theodore Roosevelt National Parks. Either way, on our trip we'll want to include Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
What advice would you give to someone just starting their own business?
Find a way to start small and test into it. Life isn't a race, it's a journey, and starting small gives you a low-risk way to see A) if you like doing it and B) if there's a market for it.
What advice would you give to people considering a move to Kanab? Just like the business advice: If you are able, try it first and see how you like it.  We lived here in our RV for about a month before we bought our house. It was nice to spend a few weeks here and just live normal life, like going to the grocery store, the library, and just relaxing.
What advice would you give to new homeowners in Kanab? Pay attention to water! We are focused on two things: 1) getting rain to drain away from our foundation and 2) making our yard water wise. The desert is beautiful, and we want that beauty in our yard for both the aesthetic benefits as well as the water bill benefits!
There you have it! Eric & Sylvia Sims with the Eco Traveler's Guide!
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