Building on raw land in Southern Utah? This is a MUST HAVE.

Buyers Agent Stacey Rhoades is walking the talk. She knows what the rules are and what real life is like as a new landowner in Kanab.

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Stacey bought 10 acres of raw land out in Johnson Canyon several years ago and is now in the midst of building her home out there. The law allows you to live in an RV for 6 months during the construction phase on your land. Stacey has a cozy travel trailer on the property that has provided the basic needs of home during this time. Some of those needs are more obvious than others. You don’t want to learn the hard way (ask her how she knows…) that a heated hose is a MUST out here when you plan to winter in rural Kane County.

This little hummer is in Stacey’s words: A GAME CHANGER. 

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