Despite the holiday break, Kanab's real estate market didn't slow down!


Kanab's real estate market continues to thrive, showing remarkable resilience and activity, even during the holiday season. This week, we've seen a diverse range of movements that highlight the market's vitality and the opportunities it presents for buyers and sellers alike.

New Listings and Sales

Notably, there was one new lot listing, presenting a unique opportunity for those interested in building or investing in land. Interestingly, no new homes were listed this week, making the current inventory of homes even more valuable.

Price Adjustments and Contracts

Price adjustments are always a key indicator of market trends. This week, two homes saw price decreases, creating attractive prospects for buyers looking for value. In terms of sales, one lot was successfully sold, indicating a steady interest in land ownership in Kanab. Moreover, the market's momentum is further evidenced by three homes and one lot going under contract, showcasing the continuous demand in the Kanab real estate scene.

Current Market Snapshot

Currently, there are 39 homes on the market, with an average price of $575,000. This provides a range of options for potential buyers, from those seeking affordable homes to those looking for more luxurious properties.

Exciting News on Mortgage Rates

A significant development this week is the decrease in mortgage rates to 7.29%. This drop makes home buying more accessible and could spur further activity in the coming weeks.

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